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Looking for a done for you workout plan to help you feel strong throughout your pregnancy, prepare you for birth and return to a postpartum exercise routine you love?

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Pregnancy and postpartum are exciting seasons of life, but this can also come with a lot of uncertainty.

When you're pregnant, your body is changing and growing and you’re envisioning what life is going to look like when this little baby makes its appearance. 

And when you're in the throes of postpartum and motherhood, it might feel like you're never going to get back to feeling like YOU again. 

But it also comes with so many questions that can be hard to find answers to….a big one being “what do I need to do exercise safely and effectively during this period of life?”

Here's the truth about working out during pregnancy and postpartum: 

There's no such thing as "safe" vs "unsafe" workouts


It's all about having a strategy that is most effective for YOUR body and YOUR pregnancy and postpartum experience.

And that's exactly what I'm here to help with. 

It's incredibly confusing and overwhelming to find legitimate fitness advice

You're struggling to have any sort of energy and getting to the end of the day is a challenge 

You're powerless or a sense of loss of control as your body changes and grows throughout pregnancy 

You just want to feel somewhat like yourself and be able to enjoy your pregnancy and postpartum experience both physically and mentally

You want to best prepare your body for birth and lay the foundation for an easier postpartum recovery

You don't know how to progress your weights without making your Diastasis Recti worse or totally wrecking your pelvic floor 

If you're feeling like...

...then personalized fitness coaching is what you need! 

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Want to take your perinatal care to the next level? Add on nutritional support from Certified Pre/Postnatal Nutritionist, Caitlin Cipriano

Optional add-on nutritional support


I've teamed up with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Dr. Olga Treko, to bring you a 30 minute virtual pelvic health consultation. This is your time to discuss symptoms you're experiencing, or how to best improve your pelvic floor health!

Pelvic Floor PT Consult


Monday-Friday unlimited text and voice memo support from Meg for accountability and questions, plus monthly calls to touch base and assess progress 

Support and Accountability


I want you to be knowledgable on exactly why you're doing certain exercises, how to best prepare your body for birth, and how to optimize your postpartum recovery both inside your workouts and in daily life!

Training Modules


Workouts are personalized completely to YOU and your goals. Delivered to you via an app so you can go at your own pace, and track your progress!

App-based Workouts


We start with a comprehensive 60 minute consultation and assessment call so I know exactly how your body moves, what you're struggling with, and how to help you achieve your goals

Consultation and Assessment


The goods:

Workout without fear of hurting yourself 

Make it to the end of the day without having debilitating pelvic and low back pain

Feel strong and capable in your body

Head into labor and birth with complete trust in your body's ability to birth your baby

Decrease the severity of perineal tearing as well as reduce the risk of interventions during birth (such as c-section)

Stop peeing your pants, feeling pain with intercourse, and heal your Diastasis Recti so you can confidently get back to the activities you love!

Here's what's possible:


"I started working with Meg at the end of my first trimester. I wanted to prepare my body for labor and postpartum. My goal was natural delivery and I knew it was going to be one of the most challenging things I have ever done and I wanted to set myself up for success during and after. Not only did her workouts help get my body ready for labor and keep me from becoming too sedentary but they also really helped me find balance and a better headspace around exercise. I used to be very all or nothing but when I was pregnant and working with Megan it was very much a “do what you can, when you can.” We would modify workouts as needed and as long as I kept my body moving that’s what mattered most."

What clients are saying...

- Jessica 

"Megan gave my back my confidence in the gym/working out. She truly helped me both during pregnancy and postpartum. I have told all the pregnant mamas I know about her and truly wish [customized pre/postnatal training] was something that was seen a necessity, because I truly believe that it was."

What clients are saying...

- Emily

"I finally feel like “me” again, physically and mentally, postpartum. If it hadn’t been for [Meg's] encouragement to seek alternate opinions and advocate for myself so early on, I honestly don’t know where I would be now. On top of the physical recovery, her program and expertise gave me trust in myself and left me feeling empowered. The only thing I did that I would change going back would be to start working with her during pregnancy!"

What clients are saying...

- Samantha

The pay in full options is $2000 USD for 6-months which is a savings of $250! We do offer a monthly payment plan of $375 USD per month for 6 months. 

Do you offer payment plans?


Coaching packages are a 6 months. If you have doctors orders to cease exercising, we will move the remaining weeks/months in your contract to postpartum training once you're cleared.

What if I need to be put on bed rest during my pregnancy?


Nutrition is out of my area of expertise, however you do have the option of scheduling a call with my colleague Caitlin Cipriano who has her masters in Nutrition and is certified in pre/postnatal nutrition. She can help you come up with a nutrition action plan that feels supportive throughout your pregnancy (this is an added cost)

Do you offer nutrition coaching?


However long you want them to be! That's the beauty of customized coaching. We come up with a workout plan that feels good for you, that you can be consistent with. 

How long are the workouts?


It's never too late! Since training is customized completely to you, we can structure the workouts in a way that are realistic and doable for you at the end of your pregnancy, and into early postparutm recovery. 

Is it too late if I'm already in my third trimester?


I recommend having a set of light, medium and heavy dumbbells, a loop resistance band, long resistance band with handles, and a large yoga ball/swiss ball. The workouts can be done in the comfort of your home, or in the gym.

What equipment do I need?



and feel strong and confident in this season of life?

with your body

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I'm honored to walk this journey with you!


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