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It's about time pregnancy stopped slowing you down

a follow-along prenatal workout program to feel strong, exercise with confidence and reduce pain 

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You know having an active pregnancy is possible. But right now you can’t help but feel like your body is against you.  

Your doctor tells you to “listen to your body” but your body has never felt like this before.

You don’t speak the same language anymore. 

It feels like you’re stuck in an endless google spiral of “pregnancy-safe workouts.”

And rather than feeling reassurance, you’ve developed analysis paralysis because you don’t know who to trust.

You’re starting to realize that working out during pregnancy is not intuitive.

It requires doing something different, and deep down you know trying to figure this shit out on your own isn’t working. 

You feel yourself thinking, “there’s got to be a better way!” 

Well, that’s because there is. 

Strengthen the glutes for pelvic stability 

Teaches you how to active the Transverse Abdominis and pelvic floor for better core control (which also aids in postpartum recovery)

Takes a total body appraoch to enable you to move well and reduce pain throughout your pregnancy

A glimpse inside:

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a 12-week program to help you finally feel good in your pregnant body. 

This program is divided into two sections: strength and labor & birth prep

In the strength section you will find 6 weeks of workouts that:

*these 6 weeks can be repeated as many times as you want, and then I recommend switching to the labor & birth prep section at 32-34 weeks

In the labor & birth prep section you will find 6 weeks of workouts that:

Build stamina and endurance to prep your body for the demands of labor 

Focus on opening the 3 levels of the pelvis (inlet, mid and outlet) to assist with labor and pushing

Work on pelvic floor relaxation to help during the pushing phase and reduce the risk of severe tearing

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"I have to tell you - the pelvic floor relaxation and mobility workouts have helped tremendously! So much less pain than I was in last week at this time!'

- Kate

"I love how effective these workouts are and that you're very clear about when and how we should breathe for every move. It's extremely helpful!"

- Ray

What moms are saying...

25 follow-along-workouts you are know are safe and effective (goodbye google!)

A strategic, laid-out plan to help reduce any pain or discomfort and prepare you for labor & birth

Education that will last a lifetime so you start your postpartum recovery off on the right foot

or for just $97
you could get...

Try to piece things together from Youtube, Pinterest and IG

Figure out on your own how to modify and adapt your regular workouts to support your aching body 

Just say fuck it and throw in the towel until you're cleared postpartum

you could continue to...

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But that's likely going to leave you frustrated, in pain, and make it harder to get back into a workout routine postpartum!

...and feel like the powerful, badass pregnant mama you dreamt of being when you saw those 2 pink lines!

This could be you...

"This program is great for literally anyone. I've noticed decreased back pain which has been amazing. Overall I feel fantastic at 28 weeks which I feel very lucky to be able to say!"

- Abbi

"I love this program! 29 weeks and the workouts, as well as all the educational information, make me feel confident I'm prepping myself for my first baby in a functional and targeted manner."

- Laura

I'm a pre/postnatal fitness specialist, mom and I’m passionate about helping moms feel their best throughout pregnancy, postpartum and beyond!

When I was pregnant with my second baby, I knew I needed to be able to move well and without pain to keep up with my energetic toddler. That’s when Powerful Pregnancy was born.

I know that pregnancy comes with so many challenges that are out of your control, but exercise shouldn’t be one of them. Let’s get you moving your body in a way that feels good and helps you feel powerful! 

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I'm Meg!

You're getting more energy and finally have the capacity to start moving your body in an intentional way 

You're starting to experience some slight aches and pains and want to get ahead of it ASAP 

You are pretty motivated to workout and thrive with a laid-out plan and schedule 

You want to best prepare your body for any labor & birth outcome 

You want to set yourself up for a potentially quicker postpartum recovery 

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If you are someone who needs a higher level of support and accountability, or a customized pregnancy workout plan, please check out my Vibrantly You® Custom Fitness Plans. 

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This program is only for people who have been cleared for exercise by their provider and not appropriate for those on bedrest. 

What if I'm on bedrest?

All of the workouts inside this program are safe for the third trimester. However if you're already 34 weeks, I have taken out the labor and birth prep specific workouts and put them into a 6-week program. You can check that out HERE. 

What if I'm in my 3rd trimester?

Workouts range from 25-40 minutes each and are 3x per week. They are follow-along style, so I'm going through the workout with you and showing you exactly how to do each exercise. There are 6 weeks of strength workouts and 6 weeks of labor & birth prep workouts. This program is lifetime access, so you can repeat as many times as you want throughout your pregnancy!

How long are the workouts?



You can practically see it now:

The active pregnancy you knew was possible!