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Megan Martineau, CPT, Pre/Postnatal fitness Specialist

want to feel strong throughout your pregnancy, prepare your body for birth and return to a postpartum exercise routine you love?

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Learn about the 5 types of exercises to include in your prenatal workout routine to have a strong pregnancy! 


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Pregnancy and postpartum can be a very overwhelming season of life, and one where you're experiencing so many changes to your body! My goal is to help you feel strong and navigate these changes with confidence!

I help moms move their bodies to feel good

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I'm a New England transplant living in Raleigh, North Carolina, fueled by coffee and dreaming of life at the beach.

In 2021, I quit my full-time job as a Human Resources Manager to take my passion for empowering moms and moms-to-be full time, to help them have the pregnancy and postpartum experience of their dreams!

Pre/Postnatal fitness trainer and mom of two

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emily n.

"I found Megan 3 months before my due date. She customized my workouts all the way up until the week before I was induced. She helped me in more ways than just working out and moving. She helped push me and motivate me throughout my pregnancy. I had a c-section and I truly believe I have had an easier recovery because of the things we worked on pre-labor."

I cannot recommend Vibrant Mama Wellness enough!

Holly L.

"Working with Meg has COMPLETELY changed the way I viewed and dealt with my pregnancy. She not only created workouts tailored to my needs and goals but she took her time to hold me accountable, check in, and be full support when it came to my questions. I knew I was getting an amazing personal prenatal trainer but Meg is SO much more! She truly takes the time to be with you as you prepare your body & mind for labor. I went into the hospital feeling strong, confident, and fully educated. I will 100% be working with her postpartum & likely all my future pregnancies!!"

I feel incredibly lucky I stumbled across Meg!

Lesley H.

"Prior to my pregnancy I was very active and loved working out. I stayed fairly active during my first trimester but I hit a point where I wasn't sure what was safe workout wise and I knew it was time to work with a professional to keep me and baby safe. My delivery and recovery went SO well and I credit a good portion of that to working with Megan! Her workouts were designed to prepare you for labor and it made all the difference."

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