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Getting the all clear at 6-weeks postpartum can be both exciting and a little bit....daunting?

After all your body has been through something MAJOR and yet everyone is acting like you should be magically good to go?!

Or maybe you feel great (and if so I love that for you!) but for the vast majority of moms, and myself included, your postpartum body feels like it belongs to someone else. You don't know her anymore.

And you certainly don't know how to start working out again in a safe manner that's going to help you feel remotely normal. 

This was me when I got cleared to workout again after having my c-section in 2020. I was pumped to get back into working out. But that first workout humbled me REAL quick.

I vividly remember laying on my living room floor tearing up because I was worried I would never feel like myself again. 

I don't want that to be you. 

That's why I created a 6-week Return to Fitness Postpartum Program. 

In 6-weeks you will not only understand all the changes your body has gone through in the past year, but you will know with certainty what is safe for YOUR body.

You will reconnect to your abs, learn how to properly strengthen your pelvic floor, and reintroduce weights in a safe way. 

This is for you if:

  • You got the all clear at your 6-week postpartum appointment but you want to reintroduce working out in a slow and safe manner 
  • You understand that postpartum is a long game, and you want to help your body heal 
  • You are a few months (or years) postpartum and you are still experiencing leaking, pelvic heaviness or pressure, pain with sex, low back pain, and an abdominal separation that didn't close 

This is not for you if:
  • Your only goal is to lose weight 
  • You're not interested in slower, lower intensity workouts 

Okay - now that we got that out of the's the deal! 

This program will launch in August and is normally $77 USD. By adding your name to the waitlist you will get to purchase this program for $47 USD! (40% off)

Coming Soon!