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Your postpartum body isn't broken.

It doesn't need to be fixed.

It just needs to be approached in a different way. 

Postpartum Program

Vibrantly You


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A 12 week fitness program to help you move out of survival mode, while reclaiming your energy and reconnecting to your body.

Pregnancy and childbirth is arguably one of the hardest transitions we go through, both physically and mentally.

And unfortunately we live in a society where there isn’t enough support for this pivotal season of life.

Feel like getting back into a workout routine and eating well is an uphill battle.

Are barely sleeping and you have negative hours in the day 

Are completely overwhelmed with the mere thought of starting any sort of workout or meal prep

Feel like getting back to "pre-baby you is as likely as winning the lottery 

Want to do something for yourself, but the mental load is already crushing you and your capacity is at zero 

If you're here right now, you likely....

This sounds like me - help!

What moms are saying...

"This is a program I was able to do start to finish. Why? Because it was created by a mom who is not only knowledgeable but who can relate on a personal level. I am so so happy I found Vibrantly You® and recommend it to any mama looking for a realistic, safe and effective program!"
- Belinda

"The Vibrantly You® Program was exactly what I needed after birthing my fourth child. I felt weak, insecure, and desperate to nourish my body after giving so much of it to my children over the years. I was physically challenged while being mentally equipped and relationally supported."

- Kory

"My core is soooo much stronger now. When I first started, I had zero core strength and was experiencing back pain, especially transferring my son into the crib. I've never had workouts that helped me in my everyday functioning so much!"

- Michelle

This program follows a strategic, progressive overload approach to work WITH your body so that you can FEEL the difference within the first month...

and with my on-going, real time support and guidance throughout the entire 12 weeks, you're more likely to actually stay consistent and see results!

Postpartum Program

Vibrantly You


is not a program that promises to "lose your mom pooch" in 12-Weeks, only to be retired to your workout program graveyard after a few workouts in because you no longer have motivation to stick with it. 


A program that:

I created this program because after feeling let down in my own postpartum recovery/return to fitness with my first, I knew there had to be something better out there for moms that was more supportive and set her up for success for years to come.

Confidently laugh and play with your kid(s) without fear of accidentally peeing yourself

Have natural energy to not just survive the day, but to actually feel alive in your body 

Be able to lift your baby (and older children) without fear of hurting your back and being sidelined for days 

Complete workouts that fit into your schedule and leave you feeling strong and capable in your body

you could...

Feeling embarrassed that you have to wear a pad or pantyliner *just in case* you have a sneeze attack 

Having to exist off re-heated coffee and feeling like it's a struggle to make it through every single day because your body just feels sluggish and like it's moving in slow motion

Silently curse each time you bend over your baby's crib because you threw your back out again

Feeling like a failure whenever you try to workout postpartum because the workouts are too hard and take too long to get though

what if instead of...


I need this!

  • Monthly live group calls
  • Online community for direct access to Megan for questions, and support and accountability from other members 
  • Weekly emails with lifestyle challenges and habits to implement into your daily routine 
  • The option to upgrade to 1:1 fitness coaching with Megan 



  • 30+ recipes to nourish your postpartum body 
  • Tips on how to structure meals and keep meal planning simple
  • Postpartum Supplement guide 
  • Mindful eating and cycle syncing recommendations 
  • How to replenish minerals and vitamins and prioritize healing 
  • All nutrition resources created by Caitlin Cipriano, Masters in Nutrition


  • 12 weeks of workouts designed to restore your core and pelvic floor function and build overall strength 3 days a week, 30-40 mins per workout 
  • Safe and evidence-based for Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 
  • 3 month access to app from date of purchase, then PDF version (lifetime access)


  • Birth recovery and healing 
  • Diastasis Recti Self Assessment 
  • C-section scar mobility tutorial 
  • Incontinence causes and action steps 
  • "Pancake butt" and low back pain 
  • Breastfeeding postures and stretches 



What you get:

We’re going to work WITH your body to heal, restore function, and make you feel truly vibrant as you step confidently into your motherhood journey! 

This is a new era of postpartum fitness and recovery.

12 Week Postpartum Program + 1:1 Coaching


12 Week
Postpartum Program


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$499 USD

$999 USD

includes monthly 1:1 calls and workout customization

(payment plan available)

(payment plan available)

Here's what's possible:

"Megan created the perfect program to comfortably rediscover myself at a pace that worked well for me and my schedule. I appreciated how the workouts left me actually feeling strong, capable, and motivated, instead of focusing on weight loss or leaving me feeling breathless."
- Brandy

"My main goals were to work on healing my diastasis recti and gain self confidence. The Vibrantly You® program helped me significantly with my diastasis and made me fall in love with working out again. Megan is one of the most kind, helpful and passionate people I've met thus far on my postpartum journey."
- Becca

"My core is feeling so strong and I've found myself being so much more mindful of it in daily life - like picking up the carseat! I feel more stable than I have ever felt (even pre-pregnancy!)

- Maggie

I'm going to be honest with you mama:

You deserve to do something for you for once.

The reason other workout plans haven't worked in the past is because they lack real accountability and strategy.

This program is a high level of support because I actually WANT to see you succeed. And I know you don't have the time or mental capacity to DIY it anymore. 

The first step is saying YES. 

Perfection isn't required, but committment is. 

So what do you say?

Vibrantly You

Are you ready to feel