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What moms are saying...

"Only a handful of workouts in and my core already feels stronger during the workouts! This program is the perfect compliment for the exercises my pelvic floor therapist gave me - her opinion too!"

- Jess

"My core is soooo much stronger now. When I first started, I had zero core strength and was experiencing back pain, especially transferring my son into the crib. I've never had workouts that helped me in my everyday functioning so much!"

- Michelle

This program follows a strategic, progressive overload approach to work WITH your body so that you can FEEL the difference within the first month...

but you will get the most optimal results the longer you stick with it! 

*note that this program does not come with coaching or workout customization. If you are looking for more hands-on- support check out Vibrantly You® Custom Fitness

A program that:

I created this program because after feeling let down in my own postpartum recovery/return to fitness with my first, I knew there had to be something better out there for moms that addressed the changes their bodies go through during pregnancy and birth and set them up for success for years to come.

Confidently laugh and play with your kid(s) without fear of accidentally peeing yourself

Have natural energy to not just survive the day, but to actually feel alive in your body 

Be able to lift your baby (and older children) without fear of hurting your back and being sidelined for days 

Complete workouts that fit into your schedule and leave you feeling strong and capable in your body

you could...

Feeling embarrassed that you have to wear a pad or pantyliner *just in case* you have a sneeze attack 

Having to exist off re-heated coffee and feeling like it's a struggle to make it through every single day because your body just feels sluggish and like it's moving in slow motion

Silently cursing each time you bend over your baby's crib because you threw your back out again

Feeling like a failure whenever you try to workout postpartum because the workouts are too hard and take too long to get though

what if instead of...

  • address core and pelvic floor function, lifestyle, and takes into account the physical demands of parenthood

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$129 USD / quarter

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($43 per month - best deal!)

We’re going to work WITH your body to heal, restore function, and make you feel truly vibrant as you step confidently into your motherhood journey! 

This is a new era of postpartum fitness and recovery.

Client love:

"I'm feeling great and stronger, especially with everyday tasks like carrying the laundry basket or lifting my toddler into his car seat!"

- Lexi

"I LOVE Megan's program. This is a game changer for daily life. Having this support postpartum truly helped my mindset about my body. Do your postpartum body and mental health a favor and join!"

- Amanda

I'm going to leave you with this:

The reason other workout plans haven't worked in the past is because they lack LONG-TERM strategy. 

That is truly the key to seeing results! 

Perfection isn't required, but commitment to the process is. 

So what do you say?

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